The club is eager to have new members. Membership requires membership in the Oregon State Snowmobile Association (O.S.S.A.) too. You can visit the O.S.S.A. website ( and join O.S.S.A. direct or we can provide both our club and O.S.S.A. membership for you. OSSA provides a newspaper with substantial articles of interest to snowmobilers and others. The "news" is received by members just before, during and as the season ends. You also receive AD&D life insurance coverage, representation and/or assistance with lands access & use, information about the many places to ride within and outside of our state, and opportunties to join with others of our sport statewide. It is a "great" experience to attend our O.S.S.A.'s Annual Convention that features rides and workshops on safety, map reading & use of GPS's and other topics of use as we recreate. CLUBS such as our Walker Rim Riders headquartered at Crescent Lake Junction near Crescent Lake provide monthly activities that are fun with the opportunitiy to learn more and to make many friends. DO join us.

We've recently added, for your convenience, the electronic way to join or to renew your membership. On this website you will note the PayPal buttons. You can use this method to join. This eliminates the need to complete the standard from of application and mail your dues by the USPO. However, if that is your preference, you may do so by accessing an application per the following...OR...for more details and an application use the button entitled Walker Rim Riders Club Membership brochure and then proceed.

Do not hesitate to use our contact list to contact us if you have questions or we can be of assistance to you.



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